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The power of Tantra

 Now located in Sandnes
I don't offer any sexual services, so please don't even ask as . Dear gentlemen. I have just moved from Rogaland to Oslo, where I will warmly welcome you in a discreet house in Oslo-Furuset, 10 minutes by car from the center, where you can relax beautifully and recharge your batteries thanks to a wonderful exclusive real Tantric massage with which I have many years of experience. I am looking forward to meeting you. You can also visit our site: Sincerely yours Vicky Hi. My name is Vladi, you can call me Vicky and I come from the Czech Republic and I have been doing massages for several years. Every clientele is unique to me when I massage I let myself be guided by my intuition during the massage I feel and perceive everyone differently and I automatically intuitively perform the massage according to need and my perception. I perceive the energy of other people thanks to the gentle, gentle touch and energy pathways in the body - meridians. For me personally, the power of touch on the human body means feeling the perfect human body at all energy levels, and working with these energies fills me with learning how the human body actually works and how it is beautifully physically and mentally connected. I have many years of experience with massages, where I am increasingly surprised by how some people are blocked in the seven main chakras in the craniosacral area of the body. From my own experience of empathy with the person I work with and awareness of the blocked energy, I find that we all have a problem somewhere. Nobody is perfect :-) How do you feel best during a tantric massage? If you are going for a tantric massage for the first time, I highly recommend leaving all worries behind my door and during the massage focusing only on your body and not on the masseuse, breathing deeply in the stomach and perceiving the flowing energy of the body. Lose control of yourself and focus only on your body in the present moment. If you have a problem, you can consult with me before starting the treatment session. I wish you a beautiful experience and the feeling of your body in all your chakras. Sincerely, Vladi. In a tantra massage, you can try what it's like to have energy distributed throughout the body so that it charges, not discharges. Individual tantric and therapeutic massages: All our massages are designed for both women and men. It is our specially created ritual, meditative and deeply soothing massage. During the Divine Tantric Massage, we use only hands tuned to a meditative, conscious and slow touch. Our intention is to encourage self-esteem and love for ourselves, divine beings, through loving care. Every part of the body will be carefully covered, your energy will be encouraged and then calmed in a slow meditation rhythm so that you can perceive the regularity of the touch, which brings harmony and security. The massage brings an uplifting feeling full of harmony. Tantric healing touch Massage duration 90 min. I highly recommend (price - see current price list) This massage is designed to bring a feeling of complete confidence. It's a soothing and smooth touch that caresses your heart. We do not work with sexual energy here, but the masseur or masseuse empathizes with the client and focuses on the parts of the body where this touch is especially needed. It opens up space for the trust and security that the child feels in the mother's arms. There is complete harmonization and relaxation. The body gets rid of stress and time ceases to exist… Healing occurs where the body and soul need it… En kjærlig berøring full av oppmerksomhet og tilstedeværelse Tantrisk massasje er en kjærlig berøring full av oppmerksomhet og tilstedeværelse, uten standard form og forhåndsbestemt resultat. Tantramassasje gis fra hjertet. Tantrisk massasje involverer hele kroppen og erogene soner kan også berøres. Selvfølgelig alltid med respekt for (gjensidige) grenser. Tantramassasje er en energimassasje, hvor du får oppmerksomhet og seksuell energi. Tantramassasje foregår på grunnlag av likeverd og skaper en intim forbindelse mellom giver og mottaker av massasjen. Mentalt, fysisk, på hjertenivå og noen ganger i dypet av hjertet og sjelen. Hensikten med tantrisk massasje er å "bringe" mottakeren til (mot) en naturlig, ekstatisk tilstand. Effekten er ofte et fantastisk fysisk, psykisk velvære. Vanligvis er mottakeren veldig avslappet, flyter fantastisk og ender godt i hjertet og høyere riker. Tantramassasje: vær kjærlig Se kjærlig ut, berør kjærlig, handle kjærlig En kjærlig berøring Tantrisk massasje er en kjærlig berøring full av oppmerksomhet og tilstedeværelse. Tantramassasje gis fra hjertet. Selv om det meste av berøring skjer gjennom hender (eller kropp til kropp), er det faktisk kjærlighet som berører. Giverens hender er knyttet til hjertet hans. Berøringen er kjærlig, alltid fokusert på mottakerens velvære. Mottakeren er også tilstede og aktivt mottar og føler også (til syvende og sist) fra hjertet. Vær kjærlig! Full av oppmerksomhet og tilstedeværelse Tantramassasje er en kjærlig berøring full av oppmerksomhet og tilstedeværelse. Både giver og mottaker er fullt tilstede. Ikke tenk på i går eller i morgen. Ikke se deg rundt og bli opptatt med noe annet. Nei, din fulle oppmerksomhet gis til eller mottar massasjen. En veldig bevisst berøring fra hjertet. Ta også imot veldig bevisst, kjenn det i hjertet ditt. Tantramassasje handler ikke om rutine, faste formler er faktisk uaktuelt. Alt skjer i øyeblikket, med full bevissthet, kjærlig innstilt på deg selv og situasjonen. Å drømme eller sovne er heller ikke meningen (fortsatt, hvis det er det du trenger, er det greit). Tantramassasje: 5 % teknikk, 95 % intuisjon I offer massage in various lengths: 1 hour, 1.5 hours and 2 hours. 60-minute massage includes - full body massage with hot oil and lingam for men or yoni for women, price 2000 Nok exclusive 90-minute massage includes ritual, full-body massage with hot oil plus energy stones, body-to-body massage, lingam for men and yoni for women, warmly recommended in case of greater stress, price 3000Nok For Tantra lovers 120 minutes of pampering your whole body.-) ritual, full body massage with hot oil plus energy stones, body to body massage, lingam for men and yoni for women are warmly recommended for long-term stress, price 4000Nok I look forward to your visit at a time of amazing energy :-) You will be attuned in wonderful balance with regards to Your Vicky
Type: Massage
Offering: InCall
Location: )Sandnes / Vest-Norge
Available for: Massage
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I speak: German (Medium), English (Medium)

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